Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year resolution...

 Although people who know me... know what an "organization freak" I am...but I think I need to get better at it..and what can be better than pledging it to be my NYR.  Specially my closet... I have so many things to coordinate and match... and I end up finding nothing when I really want it...**grumppppp**. 

 Sometimes the biggest closet spaces are not sufficient.. but since I live in a one bedroom apartment  I do not have too much space to begin with..I need to work on fine tuning my " organizing the closet" tricks while making sure that I remain under budget. 

See how pretty and neat these ones are..

  interesting how boxes...bags..baskets have been used for storage....neat eh!!..  not over yet...I will clean up my mess and posts pix asap.. :D...I tromise ( coz promises are lies ) !!!

Figured out what your NYR is going to be????

Have a fun weekend and a prosperous 2012.  Thank you for reading my Nicks & Nacks.


Images@ Better homes & gardens.


  1. Is this a shop or your wardrobe??? I doubt even Jayalalitha had so many shoes!!!

  2. none of it is mine... but will need to clean my mess.. and upload pix soon :)