Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's keeping you busy...

 Hello everyone,

I am sure everyone is going crazy .. with just a few days left for Christmas.... there is so much to do... gift shopping..wrapping..decorating the house..cleaning....blah blah... **endless list**

So, the exciting news on my end is that I am going to celebrate my 1st ever "proper" Christmas with my friend,Mindy and her family. So I am super excited with gift shopping..wrapping..packing.  Since both of us decided to do the cookies and some decorations..I am frantically going through loads of  ideas for home decor and baking tips.  I did share some baking ideas with you guys here.

I am sharing some of these simple decor (DIY) ideas with you..

Ever thought of decorating with pine cones.  Living in PA you can easily find them around the neighbourhood...parks..I often collect them when I go for a stroll. Check out these ideas...

You can learn more about making these cute little decor things here.

Next I saw this amazing-ly cute tree made out of ornaments.  You can use small or big ornaments and better still you can use your old ornaments too.

Want to learn how to make this....I grabbed this idea from "Full of great ideas".

Another nice idea for bringing your old /unused ornaments to use.  Just make a garland out of them using hot glue and ribbon.  Learn it here.

Or how about having a Christmas tree... with a twist!!... Just a simple branch..spray painted..and decorated..check it out here.

What I like about all of them is their simplicity...beauty...and cost, of course :D

Want to checkout what is on my coffee table right now...

Ain't these just so beautiful.  These were gifted to me on Christmas by my very adorable friend ,Elizabeth.  She actually made them during her pottery class and I think they are simply gorgeous.  Thank you !!

This is how I have used them on my coffee table .....adding a little tea light to it and a holly for some hint of festivity.

Did you like these simple, adorable ideas... :)



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