Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Humble Abode - Master Bedroom

 Finally !! managed to get a breather to sit down and do what I love doing the most....blogging about my our home.

Its been 3 months since I packed up my life in the US and decided to return back to home sweet home at New Delhi, India.  Since then life has been nothing but unpacking...organizing...receiving cargoes and shipments. And that is exactly kept me away from you guys too...Living in India has been quite an experience so far... I cant say we are friends yet... but we are getting there...

This cute little place we call home is our first place together, and both of us really want to enjoy the process to setting it up , hence the decision to take one room at a time.  We also want to keep it simple..easy to maintain and clutter free...

Sharing a few pictures of our (sort of almost) complete master bedroom...take a tour.... 

Banarsi pillows on the bed in assorted colors

  A bunch of my favorite fresh flowers

 Knicks and Knacks of purple-blue decor . The blue glass pumpkin and ceramic plate were  DIY projects

 Our Anthropologie monogram cup from a very dear friend... and a memory I brought back from my University time in Pittsburgh. 

Another view of the decor above the bed and my DIY canvases. These were our favorite wedding pictures 

 ....taadaaa... this how it looks as of now... a few more things to add and we will probably strike off the master bedroom from our list... Hope you all liked it as much as we loved setting it up.... let me know :))

Love always..xoxo

Images @ Shaz Originals