Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Peruvian wool @ The Strip

Last weekend I took a trip to the "The Strip".  It was one of  the "to do" things that I have been wanting to do in Pittsburgh for last two years. The strip district, commonly referred to as "the strip" is just one little street so full of life.  From farmers markets to whole sale fresh flowers...from fresh spices to freshly baked cookies and goodies... you can find it all here. 
A tiny part of the street has a bunch of Peruvian shops as well... they mostly sell beautiful handmade stuff.. like ponchos, scarfs, sweaters...winter accessories ...so colorful ... affordable...and *ohhhh soo attractive*..!!! I could barely control  myself from buying it all. 

Since I did not know much about Alpaca wool anyway I thought of researching a bit about it. Here is a little note about it:

"Alpaca is a cute little animal and it wool (Alpaca wool) is probably not as soft as cashmere but it is much lighter than sheep's wool.  The finest part of alpaca fleece is found on their back and sides. Then the wool is sheered much like sheep's wool and the fiber is then combed, carded, and after a basic cleaning process is ready to spin into yarn.  There are two types of wool , huacaya and suri ."

Take a visual tour through the strip...

This is the entire wall of a tall building @ the strip
The Cafe @ the strip

Delicious-ness @ the strip
Fresh.. just out of the oven goodies @ the strip

Beautiful right..!!! xoxo


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monday Blues...

 Dear Monday ,

The long weekend was just so perfect..why did you have to come so soon to spoil it all..?? 

Seems like everything around me is suffering from Monday blues too... its been raining all day.. while yesterday was bright and sunny...roads are empty.. shops closed.. it is so quite.. dull....as if it is all calling out loud... "Back to the grind"... !!..

Anyhow , you must always find a reason to smile about..:):D

 So I uploaded loads of pictures from my camera, which would be used for my subsequent posts for the coming weeks...that made me happy..!!

Took some new pictures of my fresh flower arrangements!! 

I have so much to share.. but I must really refrain from doing it now.. coz tommorow is presentation day :(:(..

So I am just sharing with you my precious flowers...arranging them and them clicking them gave me enough reasons to smile about...

Have a happy Monday dearies...


images by: create-me

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...

My little prayer on this day...

Thank you The Almighty for blessing me with the most amazing parents, siblings and family...
Thank you for all the love I have in my life...
Thank you for my amazing friends who make things bright and beautiful...
Thank you for blessing me and my loved ones with health, prosperity, intelligence...
Thank you for a beautiful LIFE...
Thank you for little and big things.. for tears and joy...for failures and success
Thank you...
Thank you...
Thank you...


Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving !!

@images source-Amina Michele


Monday, November 21, 2011

Wall decals

When I landed in the US almost two years back, as an international student, I had only two suitcases and whole lot of hopes and dreams....When I finally got a place I could call home...my biggest project in life back then was to fill up the house...especially the walls.. It felt like empty-ness was staring back at me...but how??!!... everything felt expensive when you are on a scholarship and limitations...!!! 

So while I was google-ing random sites I came across "wall decals".  It was the first time I had heard about them..and they looked so pretty that I immediately went on amazon to check out the prices.  They turned out to be pretty "affordable" especially keeping in mind that they would cover up (read-decorate) a large portion of my barren wall..compared to any wall art...!!.

and so...***** ORDER PLACED*****

Since we are talking about wall decals lets take a look at some my favourite designs..and I can showoff about my wall a little later..

Aren't these just beautiful... you can buy them here and here.

...and now for my little project with wall decals...

Since most of us, students live in rented apartments I think it would be useful to know how to remove them from your walls... here is all that you need to know.

Did you like my green nook..??
I will keep posting about my "affordable" interiors....stay tuned..!!


Images by create-me, dezignwithaz, tradingphrases.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Have you ever wondered about the awesomeness all around us and how we take most of it for granted...

...but then, a few amongst us have an eye for minute details and capture moments in all its beauty... one such person is my adorable friend Zankruti.  She  modestly calls herself an "amateur photographer".... **yeah right!!**.

 Check out some of her amazing shots here...

Niagara Falls


She calls this.."Heaven of earth"



Shades of Fall

Cozy Fall

Simply ..beautiful...

Ain't they just so beautiful...??..Tell me about your inspirational

Zank.. you are amazing at this..!!!  stay your adorable self always..

@ images by Zankruti.D

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eid Mubarak..!!

 The worst part about being away from home ... celebrating festivals alone... and missing out on traditional decorations, food and more than anything family.. !!

Here is a visual list of a few things I would have done..had I been at home for Eid.

1) Henna...

2) Yummy food...

3)  Bangles shopping...

4) Juttis...

Loads of love to all at home.... xoxo

Images from Create-me, Google, happy blogger.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy weekending..!

 Hello dearies,

Hope you all are doing well.. I have been missing blogging so much.. you guys have no idea.  At my end things have been pretty crazy.  Since I am graduating in December... my thesis is the most happening thing in my life right now!!!... LAB has been crazy too.. I am just praying for better.. happier days to come soon!!

Here is my motto.."lets merry" and for once I am having a hard time sticking to it......

Have a great weekend.. xoxo