Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monday Blues...

 Dear Monday ,

The long weekend was just so perfect..why did you have to come so soon to spoil it all..?? 

Seems like everything around me is suffering from Monday blues too... its been raining all day.. while yesterday was bright and sunny...roads are empty.. shops closed.. it is so quite.. if it is all calling out loud... "Back to the grind"... !!..

Anyhow , you must always find a reason to smile about..:):D

 So I uploaded loads of pictures from my camera, which would be used for my subsequent posts for the coming weeks...that made me happy..!!

Took some new pictures of my fresh flower arrangements!! 

I have so much to share.. but I must really refrain from doing it now.. coz tommorow is presentation day :(:(..

So I am just sharing with you my precious flowers...arranging them and them clicking them gave me enough reasons to smile about...

Have a happy Monday dearies...


images by: create-me


  1. Thank you.. bebo :):).. <3!!!..I have found out how to take really close-up pictures..and loving it :)..

    How are your experiments coming along?

  2. You seem to have a pretty good camera as even the minutest of details are seen...anywaz all the best for the presentation!!!

  3. Thanks Ben... its a simple camera.. but with good features i guess.. :):).. the presentation is on its way in 45 mints :) Thanks a bunch :)