Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Peruvian wool @ The Strip

Last weekend I took a trip to the "The Strip".  It was one of  the "to do" things that I have been wanting to do in Pittsburgh for last two years. The strip district, commonly referred to as "the strip" is just one little street so full of life.  From farmers markets to whole sale fresh flowers...from fresh spices to freshly baked cookies and goodies... you can find it all here. 
A tiny part of the street has a bunch of Peruvian shops as well... they mostly sell beautiful handmade stuff.. like ponchos, scarfs, sweaters...winter accessories ...so colorful ... affordable...and *ohhhh soo attractive*..!!! I could barely control  myself from buying it all. 

Since I did not know much about Alpaca wool anyway I thought of researching a bit about it. Here is a little note about it:

"Alpaca is a cute little animal and it wool (Alpaca wool) is probably not as soft as cashmere but it is much lighter than sheep's wool.  The finest part of alpaca fleece is found on their back and sides. Then the wool is sheered much like sheep's wool and the fiber is then combed, carded, and after a basic cleaning process is ready to spin into yarn.  There are two types of wool , huacaya and suri ."

Take a visual tour through the strip...

This is the entire wall of a tall building @ the strip
The Cafe @ the strip

Delicious-ness @ the strip
Fresh.. just out of the oven goodies @ the strip

Beautiful right..!!! xoxo



  1. It's a shoppers paradise not to forget the foodies also!!! Im already salivating...

  2. :) Yeah Ben.. was really nice... oh dont even tell me about the food.. it was to drool for ..there was this aroma of freshly baked bread all over :).. *slurrrpp*