Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bring it on.... 2014

                                    May there be beautiful blooms and precious lights
                                                               Bring it on 2014!!

                                   Wishing  all my readers a very happy & prosperous 2014

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mod Podge Drawers

Hows everyone doing post Christmas celebrations and travelling.... gearing up for New years?.... oh that reminds me...made any resolutions yet?

My biggest resolution is probably going to be doing lots of organization and more organization... and like every year it would last only for about the first 4-5 months..:P

So while on the topic of organization... let me share with you an amazing project I saw while blog surfing.  The Ferguson's at the Garage Sales R Us made this project look so simple with easy to follow step by step tutorials. 

These are mod podged drawers using scrapbook paper. Isn't it a brilliant idea..

I absolutely loved this project..... what do you think? ....I am definitely going to try this on some of my garage treasures...:)

You can find step by step tutorials here

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Countdown

What do festivals symbolize...  broadly speaking, an occasion to rejoice..celebrate and be happy... This is what Christmas means to me...it's the time of the year when I want to spoil my nieces with gifts and surprises...plan holiday lunches..brunches..dinners..dress up and be happy... 

This year however is going to be a little low key on the partying front... I am writing my thesis and defending soon , so everything else has taken a backseat.

Well but me being ME... could not resist keeping away from buying and wrapping up for too long.. so I finally started wrapping up the gifts for my nieces.. 

...I can't wait for them to tear these open...:)

What do festivals mean to you..? would love to hear back from you'll..Merry Christmas folks..xoxo

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Locked Hopes

Here in the US, you may have commonly seen locks on bridges, fences, gates, or similar public fixture to symbolize unbreakable love..the "love locks" as they are often referred to..

These caught my attention while we were visiting the Brooklyn bridge in NYC...I wondered about the people who placed them here...with lots of hopes..where are they now??..are they still together or have they moved on..??.. do they even remember they did this once... for some it may be a bitter sweet memory...

Hmmm... contemplating.??....... I took this shot and moved on...

Have a great weekend guys..xoxoImages @ Shaz Originals

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Laden

It has been a cold cold weekend with loads of snowing.  I stayed home for the entire weekend..started working on my thesis.. cooked some awesome meals...sipped on some hot masala chai...and managed to catch up on some sleep !!

And when I  got really tired of being indoors...  took a stroll around the neighborhood with my camera...

Sharing a few of my clicks... 


.....and my favorite one... 

Did you like them..?? 

Have a great week ahead...xoxo

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Chevron DIY Curtains

 So by now you all know how much I love chevron prints...

Saw this awesome cool DIY project while I was blog surfing and it was an instant inspirations. Cant wait to do this at our new place. I am absolutely in love with these.... 

Take a look.....

You can check out the detailed tutorial at Joi's awesome blog here.  I also loved the pop of color that the yellow chair brings into the room.  So simple yet chic.....Loved it??!!

Dedicated to my love for chevron..

 via here
Have a great weekend guys... we have a forecast  for 10 inches of snow tonight...stay warm..safe..and cozy..!!


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