Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy weekendings...

We are having a beautiful spring here... its warm...nice.and bright !!!  On my way to the bus stop today morning I took a few snaps of my favorite spring flowers.  Come spring..and these beautiful magnolia trees blossom into these beautiful white absolute favorite.

Have a happy...warm...bright and beautiful weekend....


Images @ Shaz-Originals

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How is your week coming along... I have been super busy with my new project at work... and loving it thoroughly... but the sad part is.. I barely get time to blog ..:(:(...

But no sweat....I am here right now sharing with you , all that makes me happy... 

I began my weekend by going to the lab in the morning ( yes! loads of fun)... and followed it with a DIY project I had been planing for ages.  I got some empty wine bottles/sparkling water bottles and spray painted them in white.  My initial idea was to have a bamboo plant in each, but that hasn't worked out as yet.  So, I will share with you what I have done so far. 

I washed the bottles...and dried them out completely... and followed this by spray painting them with a few layers of Krylon white primer.  Then, did the final layer with Krylon flat white spray paint.  Getting the primer in place is the most important step, or else all your paint is just gonna run can probably see a bit of that in one of the wines bottles.

Wanna see... Sitting pretty on my windowsill.

 I also realized, that now I am spending  a lot more time at work, I need to make my desk as MY DESK.... Below is another one of the bottles, that now occupies a little corner on my work station....

Like it...??? Do you want to see something better.. 

No I did not eat all of it...:P.. but that last raspberry-chocolate cake slice was mine.. :D... I always believed  that I was "never a dessert " person.. something sure has happened.. 

And just one more thing to add... Its 21st March today..and that.officially  marks the beginning of Spring !!!!! 

 Just in case you'll did not notice..I changed my label from create-me to Shaz Originals..feels more like me.. what do you think??... 

Wishing you all a Spring-yyyy... Spring.. 


Images@ Shaz-Originals

Sunday, March 4, 2012

After a hiatus...

Dear readers..... I hated being away from you all and terribly missed blogging.  I was away visiting my family... and once I got back, got caught up with a new project that I started......

  So, now I am back to sharing my crazy nicks and nacks with you'll are some of my new additions..

 Pretty twigs picked up on my way back from work....with a single tulip flower... just perfect for that hint of spring....which is not too far away.. * hopefully*

Two of my favorite pieces... always wanted to own them...:)

Pretty little flower vase with my favorite flowers.... and a ceramic Indian dancing doll gifted by a dear friend.

My bedroom...clean..tidy after finally unpacking my suitcases... ready for me to snuggle in.. for a beautiful brand new week. 

Good night sweethearts...

Images @ create-me