Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy weekendings...

We are having a beautiful spring here... its warm...nice.and bright !!!  On my way to the bus stop today morning I took a few snaps of my favorite spring flowers.  Come spring..and these beautiful magnolia trees blossom into these beautiful white absolute favorite.

Have a happy...warm...bright and beautiful weekend....


Images @ Shaz-Originals


  1. Shazi, first of all, how exquisitely beautiful are the flowers - and the pictures:) During my student years in UK, I was simply entranced during spring-time, having never seen these spring flowers before! Must have taken so many pictures of them...

    Btw, blogging telepathy or what?:) I was about to post something on magnolia flowers myself!!

    1. Thanks Pinka.. :):)... read your beautiful post today :)