Sunday, March 4, 2012

After a hiatus...

Dear readers..... I hated being away from you all and terribly missed blogging.  I was away visiting my family... and once I got back, got caught up with a new project that I started......

  So, now I am back to sharing my crazy nicks and nacks with you'll are some of my new additions..

 Pretty twigs picked up on my way back from work....with a single tulip flower... just perfect for that hint of spring....which is not too far away.. * hopefully*

Two of my favorite pieces... always wanted to own them...:)

Pretty little flower vase with my favorite flowers.... and a ceramic Indian dancing doll gifted by a dear friend.

My bedroom...clean..tidy after finally unpacking my suitcases... ready for me to snuggle in.. for a beautiful brand new week. 

Good night sweethearts...

Images @ create-me


  1. The question, my love, is: Did you manage to do the Ginormous laundry, eat dinner, and sleep as planned, at the time planned? 0=)

    Yay @ new effects ;)


  2. I did... I did... dear sista.. :)

  3. Good to have you back! I wondered where you ran off to :)

    1. :):).. Awww... thanks babe... could not keep away from blogging ...