Sunday, April 8, 2012

Strei...the women.

    The Strié is a popular form of faux painting using glaze and paint brushes to create a soft natural striped texture. When I read about it, I instantly fell in love with it and wanted to try it right away... but paint what...?? ..Incidentally "strei" in Hindi means women, I somehow wanted to put both these words and meanings into one painting and call my collection "Strei- the women"...... 

Take a look..

I have highlighted two aspects in these paintings.  One is the "sindoor"  and "bindi",  popularly significant with married women in India. and the other being the chandelier earrings... because we are so famous for all our bling bling... :) 

I have plans of making a entire collection with different Indian accessories along with incorporating Strei in it. Hope you all liked it...xoxo.

Images@ Shaz Originals

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beautiful Monday...

I wish you guys a beautiful Monday, only so to try to blur out " my very own Monday Blues"... I try to do a little crafty..arty..sort of a project almost every weekend to make sure I am still sane and live / love life just like old times :P... 

Take a look at my little itsy bitsy weekend project.. 

Things you would need to gather..
- burnt out old candle in a jar ( that you probably want to throw away)
- pebbles from outside your apartment ( I just got lucky , found them right outside)
- plastic flowers.  Either from a gift, old bunch etc..

I took less than a minute to assemble this cute little vase...It now rests right next to my favorite lavender candles.  Simple Bimple!!!

Have a beautiful week ahead dear readers..