Monday, November 21, 2011

Wall decals

When I landed in the US almost two years back, as an international student, I had only two suitcases and whole lot of hopes and dreams....When I finally got a place I could call biggest project in life back then was to fill up the house...especially the walls.. It felt like empty-ness was staring back at me...but how??!!... everything felt expensive when you are on a scholarship and limitations...!!! 

So while I was google-ing random sites I came across "wall decals".  It was the first time I had heard about them..and they looked so pretty that I immediately went on amazon to check out the prices.  They turned out to be pretty "affordable" especially keeping in mind that they would cover up (read-decorate) a large portion of my barren wall..compared to any wall art...!!.

and so...***** ORDER PLACED*****

Since we are talking about wall decals lets take a look at some my favourite designs..and I can showoff about my wall a little later..

Aren't these just beautiful... you can buy them here and here.

...and now for my little project with wall decals...

Since most of us, students live in rented apartments I think it would be useful to know how to remove them from your walls... here is all that you need to know.

Did you like my green nook..??
I will keep posting about my "affordable" interiors....stay tuned..!!


Images by create-me, dezignwithaz, tradingphrases.


  1. Love decals! Yours is gorgeous!! :)

  2. Bleedy hell!!! it's damn good...I think you should go for Interior Decoration as you are just too fantastic..the world is missing out on a lot of your creative skills!!!

  3. :).. awww u r tooo kind Dr.Ben :).. Thanks yaa... u never know though what and where life takes you.. i might just do that :P hehe