Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Indian jewellery...

I recently got to dress up in my desi attire and my desi jewellery for a party...* after ages*... and while I was digging through my collection.. deciding what you wear,  I thought about how much I miss wearing these pieces. 

I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite desi jewellery .. and the stories behind them ....

These are lac jewellery pieces from Rajasthan.  I have them in many color and shapes... what I really love about them is their vibrant colors...The bangle you see in the third picture is from the streets of Nepal which sold semi precious gem work on silver. I can probably never part with this piece ever.. beautiful isn't??

These earrings have meenakari work on them.  They are my absolute favourite as the black goes so well with both desi and regular clothes.  Can you believe this work..on this particular piece is handmade..??? **some steady hands I tell you **

My huge earrings and loops are just simple bead work... I love them because they are so long.almost toughing my shoulders...and whats makes them special is the fact that I have owned them  for more than a decade.  You see those pink bangles in the background.. those are lac bangles...I love the details on them..which also makes them super fragile...the reason why they are special is because after years of hunting and wanting to own them.. I finally found something in my size ** I forgot to tell you guys..I am  super-puny with tiny hands**

and these....... are my absolute favourite ones.  These are kundan earrings and the bangle is gold+white gold+ cat eye stone.  These earrings are super duper special because they were my grandmother's..she handed them over to my mom  ( Mom wore these to college back in the late 60's).. and then she handed them over to me when I went to college... sweet eh ?!! :):)... The bangle is special because it was a gift from my parents.

Did you like my little desi collection???.... show me yours..


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  1. Shazi - six words: we need to go shopping together!!

    Btw, LOVED the story behind your grandmother's earrings! I have a vintage zari lehenga from my dadi - it must be over 80 years old and absolutely gorgeous. However, I have sadly had few occasions to wear it till now:(

  2. Thanks Pinka.. You will soon see a msg on fcbk :).. I love vintage desi stuff. Everything is so royal..or mughalai.. it makes you feel like a princess :):)..You must show me this lehenga the next time we meet :)..

  3. Pretty impressive collection of jewellery you have got there. As a matter of fact, I used to find you & Sayema as the most stylish dressers in our batch!!!

  4. :):).. Thank you Ben. .. I like it how you enjoy it all :D