Monday, December 12, 2011

Beautiful Monday...

 Can you believe barely two weeks back I wrote about Monday blues... and today I am gonna tell you about a beautiful Monday... such is life... ** its all in the head**... :P

So, a couple of weeks back me and my partner in crime, Mindy went to color me mine.  Both of us needed a stress buster amidst our courses, finals and thesis writing.  It was my first time with ceramic painting.. and I wasn't too happy with the final product but... will share the experience nevertheless....

Tell me watchaa think.....

There were so many cute little ceramic pieces to choose from...I wanted to paint on something that was that I could get some creativity in it :)

So, I ended up picking this plain cylindrical vase... and chose my colors..

How lovely my palette looks..:)

My painting water bowl..

 My work in progress.... peekaboo !!

 And this is how it looks after being baked and glazed..Like it... wanna know how I used it..???

Did you like it??

Though I am not too happy about what I painted... but better work in store.. :).. 



  1. hey,

    i love the back groud colour u have chosen. And i think u have made good use of the vase too.

  2. The idea was good but the perfection that I usually associated with your work is definitely not there.Anywaz this is your first attempt on ceramic painting, so Im sure it will get better with practice

  3. @ Payal, Thanks babe... did u take my suggestion seriously.??? i want to see ure latest work :)
    @ Ben.. I so so so agree with you.. but yes better luck next time..:).. thanks da!!

  4. I think it's fantastic considering the new angle you were painting at, for the first time! Not every think perfect appearing is appealing :P


  5. Thank you Bebo,,, :):).. these paints were much thicker...and weird to move around :P.. hehehe a project is on its way... will post about it soon :):)