Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas wrap up...

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  I celebrated mine at my friend Mindy's place with her adorable family.  We reached ahead of time and had loads of fun baking cookies...wrapping gifts...playing board games...watching movies...!!  I guess it would end up being a very long post if I start writing about all the fun we had...

Here is a wrap up of it all....


The festivities began with our trip to the Oakmount bakery and I drooled over this red velvet.  This was so good it melted in my mouth.

Then I got to wrapping up some fresh cookies for my colleagues at work.  Since cookies got a little oily I simply wrapped them up in wax paper...tied them with twine...and printed out some Christmas labels...Simple Bimple..!!!

We reached Buffalo...and I tried making these Santa hat brownies that I had showed you guys earlier over here.  These finally ended up so cute... except..that the frosting got a bit running..:(:(

We baked these cutie pies... white chocolate cookies...chocolate chip cookies...M&M cookies...!!

Later, gifts got wrapped..placed under the tree..stockings got ready.. ( the one above is my 1st ever stocking..:P)

Our candles in place.. table all set....till we sat for our amazing Christmas dinner.   Had a lovely Christmas, thanks to the Mallon family !!!...

How was your X-mas??


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