Friday, December 9, 2011

Preparing for X-mas...

The best part about festivities and holidays... is yummy food..!!!..I wanted to make something that had red in it.......WHY??... just goes so well with Christmas.... right?!  So while I was going through some wonderful inspirations for the same and came across these creations. 

1) Santa hat brownies

I read about them at Daisy's world.  Check out the recipe here ....sweet eh???

2)  Red velvet cupcakes

These are so beautiful and healthy too.  The recipe was simple to it here.

3) Fruit cake

What a lovely little holly on top.  This is so festive... wanna try it out??... read it here

4) Snowman cookies

I found this very innovative...and did you see how each snowman is different.  So cute :)
Find the recipe here.

I will definitely try out the Santa hat brownies... what are you gonna try??

Have a great weekend guys... xoxo

Picture source@ Daisy's world, the cupcake recipes, TLC family, Cutest food


  1. mouth is already flooded. I wont be trying just one but a host of different goodies. Anywaz looking forward to reaching home...another 9 more days to go!!!

  2. haha.. :)... So right Ben.. these goodies make you drool..I will try putting more recipes as i try them out :)..