Thursday, January 5, 2012

Loving it @ student budget...

 Hello dearies, 

  So you all know how my tiny little apartment really has no more place for any decor or wall art unless I really rearrange my furniture and walls or get rid of stuff... **sighhhhh**...(I know I have promised a house tour to many of you ..will do soon :))... and if you love decorating, you can not resist deals.and amazing finds...and I end up buying more and more.. .. **problem**... so when my  friend needed someone "to do" the apartment...I was more than willing to do it.. simply because I would get to shop and fill up the brand new place... new so much more.

But there was a itsy bitsy issue about budgeting of course..being a grad student gets to you at times.. but then you want to enjoy life too as this time will not come again.. So I was told no more than $50 on decorating.  

We went to the a couple of thrift stores and garage sales.  I have been dying to tell you about my awesome steals and deals...  check out these goodies ..


Wall murals bought at a local garage sale.... now hanging in the dining area . *$2* for both

Wall art from a thrift store... now in the kitchen. *$1*

Baskets bought at a thrift store... now hiding loads of junk & crap... *$1* for both.

Huge wall art from a local thrift store... now in the living room.. *$4*... I was so tempted to keep this one for my self... as I have ikea- lack side and coffee table... would go so perfectly with it... :)

Decorative glass jar from a thrift store.. now on the floor in living room... *$3*.. I am not sure what we can do with this... it looks pretty nice when it is empty.. but maybe we can put in some potpourri or some pines..(picked from the streets of Pittsburgh)... 

Back to the budget..we spent a total of $11...loads more to shop... :):)..Yayyy!!

Did you like my deals and steals...??




  1. Love all of it i am buying all of it ... order placed... please send me your quotations along with delivery charges... ASAP :D

  2. I am telling for the zillionth time & I have no clue as to how many times more I would be repeating myself "YOU ARE THE JUST AWESOME IN INTERIOR DECORATION"!!! you sweety for the fantastic creativity!!!