Monday, January 9, 2012

Spirit of Venice...

 I have this crazy obsession with Europe.. and Venice in particular.... I have dreamt of living in this place ever since.... I can even remember.. and I just thought of penning (brushing) down my thoughts..I painted the "Spirit of Venice". 

I had a few images in mind.. to that I added a bit of google research .  Some images that inspired me were..


 On canvas, It looks like this...

Hope you'll liked it.  Is there a city that totally makes you gaga as well??? 


Images@ create-me


  1. Yes, Venice is really lovely although it's now sinking :( I visited it as a child and remember feeding the pigeons in the main square (the name escapes me atm;)

    Love the painting and also, appreciate the way you took us through its stages of creation!

  2. Thankss Pinka!! ... i am so in love with this place.. though i have never been there pehle :)...would love to visit someday *sighhh*

  3. I love your painting!! Would love to visit Venice sometime soon!

  4. :).. Thank you. Appu ! Venice is soo pretty right:)?