Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You've got mail....

 I didn't really plan on having two posts back to back...but honestly this one was tough to resist...

In my mail today...

So..... a couple of weeks back I won a beautiful..handmade wreath from Kristina @ Nu and Boo.  Please please please check her awesome handmade stuff....here.  All her accessories are so gorgeous...!!! Specially these hair bands.  I am sure you must have fallen in love with all her lovely collection there.. make sure you buy it before December 1st to get 10% off your purchase...

A simple handwritten note..says so much..!

..and no guesses for how much I loved this wreath.  Thank you Kristina and happy belated birthday !!!.. 

 It is so pretty that I did not have the heart to hang it outside my door..so you can find it hanging inside my house, by the dinnette. I am still not sure if this is the best place for it....for now take a look..

Did you get anything interesting in your mail today..??

P.S. I am back to studying for my midterm on Monday.... xoxo


  1. Aww Shazina!! This was such a sweet post! Iam so happy you like it. Looks great INSIDE...I never thought to do that--smart girl!

    Enjoy! Talk to you soon,

    Kristina :)

  2. I am glad you liked it Kristina... it was way tooo pretty to be on my door outside.. :)


  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes and good luck on your midterm!! :)

  4. :) you are welcome and Thanks..*smiling nervously*...I would really need it.!!

  5. I see someone's itch just had to be scratched!!! :P

    Well, at least now you'll finally get some studying done, hopefully inshaAllah ;)

    <3 and x's - I just finished praying, so now I'll crash 0= )

    ps. Love the pictures and post!

  6. :).. thanksss bebo...off to bed now!!. Tomorrow is another day.!!! :P

  7. Oh, the wreath is super-pretty - how lovely to win it! I always associate wreaths with Christmas wreaths, though, with the holly et al - this is so beautifully crafted and to be cherished forever.

    And yes, a hand-written note certainly conveys so much in this era of digital notes:)

  8. Thanks Priyanka.. :)..isn't it so lovely... I was actually coming with ideas of having a desi looking rajasthani wreath...that is colourful...with stuff birds bunched up..:):).. I might end up making some with my old chunnis..:D..