Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello everyone.. hope you all had a good weekend....I had a good one....and I am glad the dreadful Monday is over.  Just three more days....and here comes Friday.... yooohooo!!!.. This weekend was filled with loads of studying...:P..and some organizing...that I had been putting off for ages.  I had initially planned on doing a DIY project for organizing my dresser.... but then I stumbled upon these awesome ready-made ones. 

Take a look....

My messy drawers...I could never find any of my precious stuff in there..!!!

Take a closer look....


From my favorite store.. and bought these for just $6....

Drawer organizers...

See how everything... found a spot for itself...

All set..neat..nice...& clean..

Anyone of you is an organization-freak??.. :P.. I could almost be
diagnosed with an OCD for organization..;)

I was too lazy to do the DIY project.  But if you really want to ...
take a look here.


  1. Nicely done, sister! I've been literally postponing a similar mission with my scarves and mix and match wears, as made this summer. Everything lies on the floor of my room, much to my mum and relatives woe - and perhaps if I get around to fixing it (as planned in me head), I might even do a post for you on a similar vein just for kicks ;)


  2. @Hayaah... Thank you..:)<3... I had been putting this off for ages.. and it took me barely 20 minutes to get done... do me a guest post once you are done...<3!!

  3. Ooh... my sister know's about 'guest posts' - BB is impressed <3

    inshaÁllah, let's see... I'd love to do one, bashartey I get my tushy moving and de-clutter my mess

  4. ;)...i have been doing my homework. sweets !! :)