Thursday, October 13, 2011

The morning sun...

This week has been crazy for me at work...I have been busy doing my cloning experiment which takes almost a week to get I am not cloning a baby goat or anything... but this is for the gene I work with.  Today I reached work at 7am ( which almost never happens!)... and what a beautiful morning it was.

Watching the rising sun is ever so romantic. While the tubes were on the shaker for ten minutes I made use of that time to squeeze in some quota of creativity for the day.  I took a few pictures from the seventh floor of my  work place.  

Check them out....:)

Standing tall....The Cathedral of learning

Check out the different shades of orange and serene

You can find more pictures of my beautiful campus here.


  1. Good work doc. Lovely clicks :)

  2. Thank you Moni bhai :)

  3. <3 the simple post and clicks! Who says you can't write? HAH!

  4. Thank you... bebo... I tell you.. its all the inspiration around.. but pictures do no justice to how beautiful it was early in the morning. How I wish I was a morning person... ;)