Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glassblowing !!

In Pittsburgh, fall is about to end.. and the dreadful winter is on its way. 

Grad school had kept me busy for a while...and didn't want to miss out on any of the my friend Mindy and me took a trip to the Pittsburgh glass center for their fall event .  Their fall event  was about glassblowing pumpkins and making Halloween decorations.  This was my first experience with glassblowing and I totally loved it.  Although it maybe a little dangerous, because you are constantly playing with hot... flaming... molten glass, it was loads of fun !! 

Take a visual tour below..

A house made out of glass

A glass book

Pittsburgh glass center


Here you can see the molten glass being dipped into these bowls of bright colors.

That is me blowing into the glass...;)

That is not the final color yet... and see how beautifully the stem is being coiled onto the pumpkin to give a natural feel...

And here is what I created...

My little blue pumpkin...:)..Why blue..coz I just love the color ;)

Do you think glassblowing is your thing..?  learn more about glassblowing here.


  1. Interesting things you do, amidst all your busyness my pumpkin pie ;)

  2. Oh, the little blue pumpkin is adorable and gorgeous in equal parts:) I love that you chose to shade it in a color diametrically opposite to orange...

    I remember visiting Venice years ago and seeing how glass objects were created - fascinating to see how the glass changed colors during the process. Would love to try glassblowing myself!

  3. Hey the blue pumpkin & the book looks just the way, which one did you create???

  4. Thank you... all you wonderful helps to take away the stress I guess ;)
    @ Priyanka.. You should give it a try.. it is kinda freaky to begin with coz you have everything so hot around you.. but fun.. !!! That is what I had in mind when I was thinking of blue :P... lets do "not usual"
    @ Ben.. I made the blue pumpkin..!! the book was super cool... but all that was made by people taking advance classes!!! :(.. I will get there one day :)