Saturday, November 23, 2013

Living Room- Update

Hope you all are having a great weekend.  This post was a much promised one for my friends..and I finally got around to clean my living room to click a few pictures.  Sharing the living room from my apartment. 

This rug started it all.. you may have guessed my undying love for chevron patterns by now...

My plants on the window sill..... I miss having a balcony sometimes...

The reading sheepskin rug with floor cushions is quite a cozy corner for getting some reading done.

The bookshelf by the reading nook.  A fab consignment store find. The ceramic plate is a DIY project and so is the glass pumpkin. I made it at a glass blowing workshop 2 years back. 

More knicks and knacks collected over the years...

My abstract painting in the backdrop. The little blue pillow cover is a DIY project made by my lovely sister in law with felt flowers.

and here is how it all looks together.  The wall that I call my "gallery"...wall decals occupy most the wall on the entry way on the left. 

 Hope you all liked warm little cozy place... I call home.  Let me know when you are coming over for a cup of chai.

Have a great rest of the weekend ..xoxo

Images @ Shaz Originals 


  1. Oh chaajeee....reminds me of your room back in college! Love your style girl....

  2. Thanks so much Reeba... I had done up that room with so much love...wish I had pictures of it :))..

  3. Now that is the prettiest room ever. I wish I could keep my room this clean. But then again boys are boys you see. :p
    Lovely post !..Amazing decore.:D

    1. hahaha...Thanks a bunch Nikhil..:))...boys will be boys..and they are fine just that way.


  4. Your plants looks lovely window sill.

    1. Hey Vasudha... thank you... it was a stress buster to take care of these little guys.. :)

  5. Loads of little beautifies in your living room.. The floor is stunning too.. I seem to love the little cozy nook with the two cushions on the floor.. How about a home tour on Colours Dekor??