Saturday, October 12, 2013

Instagram - Love

 What do you instagram about all the time..??? 

 Oh ! you are such an instagram freak...... 

 I get to hear this from my friends all the time...  I wonder what instagram means to you ?

 For me its a celebration of life....I share the little random surprises in life... the special things that make me  happy in a day.... and of course sharing my daily nitty gritty details with my family that lives miles away....

Sharing a few of my favorite pictures and the stories behind them. 

1.  When I graduated and my family couldn't make it to the US. 

2.  When I spaced out one morning and wore two watches to work.... My hubby laughed so hard at this one and so did my colleagues. 

3.  Caught these beautiful tulips on my way back from school.

4.  When me and hubby got super duper tired exploring the streets on NYC...and still wanted more.

5.  A beautiful  treasure box I saw in a hotel lobby in Tucson.                                                                 

6. An absolutely drooling dinner made by my friend , one random night after work                              

7.  My two year old niece's first ever rainbow. it was beyond her to understand how it got so high up in the sky.

8.  An amazing vacation - Rajasthan,India with my cousins and family

9.  Purple on my nails... one of hubby's favorite color.

10. My latest abstract painting which earned me compliments from abstract artists like Molly Cox and William Witenberg

..... and there is so much more to share..... I probably cant stop with the stories.....

So what does instagram mean to you ... do you have stories too??

Have a great weekend guys !!!

                                                     Images @Shaz Originals 


  1. U have great photography sense. All images are unique and creative :-)

  2. Loved your photographs and the stories behind them...Well, as you know, I am a self-confessed Instagram junkie:) For me, Instagram coincided with my move to United States so it's been a diary of sorts, documenting my explorations of my new life and home. I have also really enjoyed engaging with the Instagram community, both in terms of personal interactions and just being inspired by the amazing grammers and their works!

    1. Thanks Pinka.... and you were the one who got me hooked on to instagram... :):) it is a great source to stay creative...interact with like minded people...and meet some great really is like a daily journal...:))