Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cupcake Toppers

 I absolutely love baking cupcakes and my favorite part is decorating them.  I have tried different recipes and patterns for icing , but what I am going to share with you today is the epitome of cuteness. 

I recently came across this super creative blog as I was looking for dessert recipes.  Having a keen eye for pretty things I could not resist posting these.

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Have you ever seen anything cuter and tinier. These cupcake toppers are created from gumpaste. It is easily available in the markets or you could make them at home using this recipe.  

Look at this adorable teapot topper with hand painted pumpkins to match the Fall theme.

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....and tea is served with yummy sandwiches . Note the details on the cutlery and china pretty..

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 And finally ready to go on the cupcakes and served. These edible decorations are so cute, that I wouldn't have the heart to eat them....I am definitely tyring this at the next tea party at home.

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Fall season brings with it all that has pumpkin....although my pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks is an all time favorite, I am eyeing the try this vanilla pumpkin spice cupcakes recipe this Fall with these super cute toppers. 

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 I bet you are in love with these as much as I am....

You can go over a detailed tutorial of these at this blog.

 Happy baking folks....!!

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    1. Thanks Paresh!!... these are so cute, to cant resist loving these miniatures...

  2. This lady here is one of my favouritestest in town... literally... She used to work as a colleague when I 1st worked at the same place... as an Eng teacher... then she left to start her own baking business from home - and has one of the finest work in this field - me thinks - such intricacy... check her out here:

    1. OMG.... bebo these are soo cute..I want to make these so badly...