Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall DIY wreath

I am knocking on wood a zillion times before uttering this...." its been such a nice week....for I found time to do the things I love to do "...:

Below is my first attempt at making a DIY wreath.... specially because these were all over the blog world and have been on pinterest for almost a year now. I am going to take you through a tutorial via clicks of my wreath in different stages.....

First, I collected the following supplies: 

1) Swimming noodle ( from Amazon  -0.99c)
2) Fall foliage fake flowers ( from a Goodwill store - $2)
3) Wide tape ( office supplies at home) 
4) Nails/ paper pins ( supplies at home ) 

So here it is....

The huge swimming noodle...I am still wondering why I placed an order for the color blue.....don't you think green would have been a better option. 

My fake Fall flowers from a random buy at goodwill stores.... so pretty... :D

Next,  I taped up the ends of the noodle together.  I couldn't  get the perfect round shape, but I kinda liked the imperfection..... 

And began plugging in my pretty flowers.  I tried to stick them with super glue initially, but the super glue would simply get sucked into the noodle... tape worked for a bit....

So finally I tired nailing the flowers and leaves and I think that is what will help to hold them tightly in place.  For bigger flowers, I tried to drill holes into the noodle with a huge nail and just pushed them in with their stems... 

And as I proceeded......I had to try all sorts of tricks to make sure the were in place..I guess you can see loads of ugly tape in the pic below..The biggest challenge was to hide the blue noodle...and. the tape..

I covered it all by the left over maple leaves.... and I think it looks pretty cute.. May be tomorrow morning I will add a few twigs from the street.... for that perfect "raw" fall look...!!

And here is my Fall wreath...... hanging pretty on my door :)  Total project cost ..$3!!

Wishing you a lovely Fall....... Happy weekend!!!

Images@ Shaz Originals


  1. That looks beautiful! Can't wait to check out the rest of the blog :)

  2. I do agree that with green you wouldn't have to worry too much about cover up, as you did with the blue. Nevertheless, the last picture ends up looking lovely; masha'Allah! Remind me to show you a wreath I made, without the swimming noodle - perhaps I've shown it to you before? Only difference being that mine didn't begin with being made into a wreath - nor was it ;) More on that when we speak later xxx

  3. Awesome stuff da...I didnt know such a beautiful creation came from such humble means!!!

    1. Thanks Ben for dropping by.. :D humble means indeed...:) the beauty of creativity :):)