Saturday, September 8, 2012

After a hiatus- part 2

Dear Readers, 

I guess the title of this post says it all.... So much has happened in life ..that blogging just had to take a back seat..... but I have missed it terribly... because it is my only outlet for creatively amidst all that life has to offer....So after months of ignoring my little space that I call "Home"...I finally pulled up my socks and decided to do a few things.... (i) clean -up (ii) redecorate (iii) ...and CHANGE....

Here's presenting some snippets from today...hope you all like it... 

So..I began with this....MESS!!

And followed it with images below .....after I rearranged my decorative pieces.

The idea below.. has been inspired from pinterest.  I took an old photo frame and ordered some cute butterflies from Umbra.  This wall really needed something on it... and I think this corner looks cute and cozy now..

Scented candles... I am absolutely in love with  Yankee's.. Sun and Sand candles.. they make you feel like you have just hit the beach..

The plate in the picture a sharpie project.... that is all over pinterest.  I drew on it and baked it at 350F for 15 minutes.  Although I am not intending to use this plate...but I am keeping in mind that I will definitively clean it once in a while, hence making sure the sharpie was permanent. 

 My lovely colleague, Debby gifted me this teapot during one of  my roughest times at work... Isn't it pretty . Needless to say she knows all about my love for "Keep Calm" things and accessories.

Then I took a little break...with some chai and did some catching up on my favorite magazines...on for a change read something apart from science.

I was still quenching for more I had to pull out my collection of glass jars and bottles that I had been intending to paint forever....below is a tutorial thru' pictures...

And finally presenting... my dinette...did you like the change..the tea lights... I thought it looked simple and pretty... and the little addition of the twigs...from the street just added to the spirit of Fall.....

What say... you'll...??  Have a crafty rest of the week...!!!

Images @ Shaz Originals 2012


  1. Welcome back...really missed reading your blog & by the way, when is the big day coming up???

  2. Beautiful chintuu....

  3. LOVE them all - especially the butterflies, and also the plate - though I'm expecting more pictures of the plate because just the one on here, was not satiating enough, considering the wait I went through just to see it :P


  4. Loved it! I have a Keep Calm Tea jar !

  5. Thank you everyone.... Neelima special welcome to you on Nicks and Nacks...Thanks for following my madness...i am crazy about "Keep Calm" stuff...and collect them wheenver i can land my hands on any.. :):)