Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lights off....Camera....Action...!!

So, the other day when we had a power outage in New Delhi, and I made the most out of my creative juices!

Since there was no internet, television or any other technology to distract me I thought of getting a little creative and brought out my camera and candles to play with. Candles I bought over from different destinations, gifts, candle stands had been stocked up inside for way too long and as I brought them out, we relived the little stories that belonged to each one of them. Each corner looked so different and pretty as the lights danced around. 

Dressing up my living room with the warmth of candle lights was so soothing to the eyes, that even after the power was back, we did not bother to change the ambience.  It was just so perfect, peaceful and picturesque!

What followed next  ?? .... some pictures...cuddles...coffee...cakes...and endless conversations !! 

Sharing a few vignettes of my living room with you! 

Never imagined a power outage to be a pretty scene! What say? Would love to hear back from you!

Wishing you a happy week!

                                                     Images @ Shaz Originals 


  1. Aww...it looks so pretty and magical! Not to mention, very romantic;);)

    1. Hey Priyanka! Thank you so much! Hahaha... romantic indeed. It was a bit more chilly those days, so it was just about perfect!

  2. Surreal! The fourth one is my favorite.

    1. :) Thanks so much Abid! Thank you for stopping by :)