Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In Heaven's Lap

.....And we are back from our summer break..!! We wanted to spend the last few days of our summer break peacefully among the hills.... but Shimla, Mussoorie and Nainital  have become too commercial and crowded..... I would much rather be at the peace at home....After much thought and research we finally decided to spend a week at Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh.

Being the highest hill station in himachal pradesh, it is so raw in its beauty. This calm little town has preserved its culture so beautifully that you would  feel you have traveled back in time.

Among the many tourists destinations, Khajjiar and Dainkund peak were our most favorite one. My husband kept asking me to take pictures of the beautiful deodars and clouds..... I would only reply by saying... honey this cant be captured  by any camera.... just take it all in and capture it with your eyes...

Nevertheless, sharing a few of my pictures from the trip.  Hope you enjoy them as much...

Our home for a week.... the Grand View Hotel. great hospitality and beautiful view.

Everything nice and pretty around us....

Cafe Dalhousie.... our everyday chai place.  The cafe was a British time guest house which is now serving as a cafe... they served awesome grilled sandwiches :P

Captured these dainty beauties on our trek to Dainkund peak

Kalatop guest house.....another British time guest house, preserved just as it was back then. This guest house has been a home for many bollywood movies...1942-A love story, Lootera to name a few..

Beautiful Khajjiar... also known as mini Switzerland in India.  The deodars...and green grasslands were breathtaking...this is my favorite picture from the entire trip...and honestly it does no justice to what I saw in person...

Once upon a time....Home!

Another favorite of mine.... I love the different shades of green as the peaks get higher
(View from our balcony)

Hope you enjoyed these pictures.... would love to hear back from you. Have a great week ahead !!

Images @ Shaz Originals 


  1. I have been yearning to visit a proper Indian hill-station for years but kabhi mauka hi nahi mila..your lovely pictures make me wish I could immediate visit Dalhousie...and how gorgeous is Khajjar - I had no idea that such a place existed!

    1. Thanks Pinka.... absolutely... tiny little town and so peaceful.. our resort was amazing. Most hill stations in India have become very commercial and hence there is a lot of crowd...:(((

  2. Oh wow.. thats fabulous... Im a little envious.. I'll be back to check the rest of your blog.. Seems very interesting.. Keep posting.. Happy Blogging.. Oh.. and welcome to the blog world :)

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Thanks so much! Thanks for the warm welcome. I keep taking a sabbatical once in a while :P Haha! Thank you so much for dropping by :)