Sunday, September 1, 2013

DIY- Abstract painting

 Although I have been experimenting with different art mediums for over a decade or so..I have never used acrylic paints before * very lame*. I guess I was always the "use oils of canvas" kind of a person.   But recently  I noticed that acrylics were used more often and  of course why not.... it doesn't take a million years like oils to dry you can paint.. frame and get your painting on the wall.... in a span of a week...

So I took a trip to Michaels and bought myself some acrylic paints. I wanted to start with experimenting with using layers of paint in an abstract art form and see for myself , how well the colors mix up compared to oils....

Below is my experiment.... and I am pretty pleased with it too..Take a look..... TAAADAAA..

Still have to find an apt place for it... but for now I think it looks perfect here !!!
 Happy Labour Day Weekend!!!

Images @ Shaz Originals

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