Saturday, June 22, 2013

DIY: Jewellery rack

  Only "52 sunny days in Pittsburgh"...

So when its Summer here, one really wants to go all the way ..Summer outfits... accessorizes... flip flops.... In my effort to look as summery...I thought I should organize my accessories in a way that were visible and easy to reach out to when I am literally running for work in the mornings. 

Here is what I found at my local consignment store today...

Isn't it a treasure... all for $4 !!!!!... So after it got a nice alcohol swipe.. I thought of  tweaking it a bit by adding some color to it.

In my bedroom, this wall seemed like a perfect place to hang this... and functional too.. right beside my dresser. 

And this is how it finally turned out.  It was such a simple and definitely  REQUIRED get my little stuff organized.  The best part of this project was... all it took was 10 mints to get it all in place. 

Above is one of my favorite Kate Spade. 

Hope you all are having a nice and warm weekend.. Have fun.. xoxo

Images by Shaz Originals @2013


  1. Love what you did with the colour. At first I thought it was a teeny tiny cabinet of sorts, that would open up to hanging space on the inside... Kind of like the chooree hanger behind your mirror in the Aligarh home? Then when I saw the pic of where you hung it, beside the dresser - I thought - hmn, perhaps it would have looked better vertical (still thinking it would be a cabinet like opening box). then when I saw the final picture with the accessories hanging on the knobs, it sunk in, and it's gorgeous just as - masha'Allah.


  2. hahaha... Thanks bebo :):)... it was simple and turned out pretty... which makes me happy.. and ofcourse the fact that all my stuff stay organized :)